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We understand that your situation has already caused you enough stress. This is why we train our staff on a daily basis to assist you in the following:

We complete all the paperwork
Your Bankruptcy is driven by documentation. We will handle every aspect of what the court requires to prepare your bankruptcy documentation. We know what the court needs and how they want to see it. Start to finish.

We request your tax transcripts
You may be required to provide tax returns to the Bankruptcy court. We know tax transcripts are often misplaced, lost and usually a pain to reproduce. We will take on that pain and retrieve all your needed tax documents from the IRS.

We attend all your court hearings
There is a possibility that you may have several court hearings depending on how complicated your case may be. We have the resources to attend all court hearings and in many cases we can handle these proceedings without you needing to be present.

We offer in-house credit counseling
Credit counseling is required to file bankruptcy. This can be a very tedious, time consuming task to say the least. Therefore we have created resources for you to handle this right here in the office. Unlike other firms, we will not send you away and expect you do handle this very important aspect of your bankruptcy on your own. Your paralegal will walk you thru the entire process to ensure you will have no future issues with credit counseling.

We obtain same-day credit reports
Obtaining an accurate credit report is essential to your bankruptcy. Any creditors that are missed can cost you additional fees to add after the initial filing. We charge a oneā€“time fee ($20 single - $40 couple) to obtain your credit reports. This is not required but we highly recommend it. Free credit reports obtained elsewhere may not be as accurate.


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